Update: Removal of the Forum, Facebook Censorship

Now that we’ve had time to find out more as well as catch up with all the traffic, I’d like to address a couple of things.  
  • REMOVAL OF THE FORUM: Most of you may have noticed by now that the Forums on the website have been removed. This is only temporary as we recently we suffered a bot attack of around 1,500 bots flooding the website. Currently, we’re exploring the options available to us, as soon as one is found the site will be updated and the Forum announced.
  • FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP: As a forewarning, DO NOT POST ANYTHING “MILITIA” RELATED ON FACEBOOK OR THEY’LL BAN YOU. As a recap, Facebook adjusted the “Ban Algorithm” to target any and all posts / profiles including Militia, III%, Minutemen, and the like. Some of our pages have survived, but nobody knows why. Let’s take it as a blessing. As a safety precaution, backup any pictures you have on your Facebook in-case you get banned. For more information on the topic of Facebook Censorship, check out the “Facebook Shakedown” post below.