Wolverine Watchmen Incident

Our capacity for violence, as a free people, should always be well maintained, and kept within reach, but it should always be the LAST option.
Even with the intolerable behavior of our current governor, we must consider exhausting all of our peaceful options, we must give the system some sort of opportunity to run its course.
There are mechanisms in place to check her dictatorial overreach. There are courts and petitions and even elections that must first be brought into play against her.
One of these mechanisms, The Michigan Supreme Court, just dealt a critical blow against her abuse of perpetual state of emergency, and eliminated her ability to rule by executive fiat. She must now act only with consent of our legislature. In this regard, at least, the system seems to have worked.
Had the court not ruled this way, a ballot drive was in place to repeal the 1945 law upon which she based her actions. This appeared as if it was going to be successful.
Her administration may be under investigation for housing COVID19 patients in nursing homes, causing infection and death among otherwise healthy elderly residents.
There is an ongoing recall petition to remove her from office, which seems to have excellent momentum. Those wishing to “fight back” against an abusive, power hungry governor, should support these efforts.
Finally, there will be another election soon. We are certain that her vast misuse of executive orders will be an issue here. If you have taken umbrage at her power grab, vote her out. This will be the easiest way to remove her.
We are heartbroken that some of our fellow Michigan citizens may have been frustrated to the point of considering acts of violence. It is possible that these allegations stem from nothing more than idle chatter, born from months-long pandemic lockdowns and business closures.
Consider that each of the persons arrested is presumed innocent unless convicted, and that they, like everyone else, are entitled to due process.
A truly free people should always maintain a capability for defensive violence, but this must also be tempered with the wisdom necessary to know that such violence is to be used only as a last resort.
The SMVM urges our fellow citizens to avoid rushing to judgement upon the men arrested, just as we urge restraint in attempting to reel in an out-of-control governor.
Please give the system an opportunity to correct itself, but keep your powder dry.
-Lee Miracle, Coordinator Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia